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  • All types of dog toys and training aids available in our online store. As well as lots of dog related information and forums.

  • Pet Classifieds for any kind of pet! Horses, Cats, Dogs, Tigers, Monkeys, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Snakes, Lizards, Rodents, Squirrels, Birds, or any other exotic animal you could imagine.

  • Discount brand name pet supplies across the UK. Quick delivery. No Quibble Guarantee. Secure online ordering for peace of mind.

  • Compare pet insurance policies to find the best pet insurance quote for you and your pet.

  • Dog breed resources of Alaskan Malamute, Bloodhound, Bouvier Des Flandres, Briard, Giant Schnauzer, Great Dane, Irish Wolfhound, Newfoundland, Siberian Husky and Weimaraner.

  • Featured articles of dog training on how to appreciate the experience of training your dog, if dogs learn by wanting to please their owner or not, how to earn the trust of your dog, how to recognize stress in your dog, etc..

  • Everything you need to know about heart failure in dogs and what causes heart failure. Also include articles to help you know what items to insist from your breeder when buying a puppy and how to give your new puppy as much attention possible.

  • Know how to properly put on a snap-around collar on your dog, keeping your dog confined, reason why your dog runs away. Answer question like should you encouraged face licking and is it normal for poodles to have tear strains?

  • Know the benefits of using a crate with your pit bull, choosing your pit bull from the litter, chronic case of constipation, how to make your home puppy-friendly for your new pit bull, keeping your large breed puppy in shape, etcâ??

  • Living in the suburbs with your Dog may be the best of dog worlds, but its environment poses its own special set of problems. While suburban dogs are usually not as restricted, regulated, isolated, and controlled as those in the cities....

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